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I honestly don't think anyone reads this but anyway i do know people are reading my story on the spuffy realm, elysian fields and fanfiction.net. I also just added on vampire kiss. i also have a blog on myspace with my story. so I hope more will happen down the road


I have a webpage on myspace check it out


I got a beta so hopefully my story will be in bsv and spuffy realm soon
thanks chocoholicgirl03 (Amy) for being my beta

posting fic

I decided weather anyone likes it or anything I am posting my fic that I started a while back. So if anyone looks here the fic is called sunnyhell and it is posted on fanfiction.net and I am posting on the spuffy realm

i am going nuts

I am going crazy taking care of my parents is an all day job it consumes me and my husbands life. My sister is no help cause she just drops her kids off so i am raising them and my parents. my brother and sister are so selffish they don't care what they are doing to me and my family. When do I get to have my life back.

I don't know much

I haven't been on much at all you know the RL is a major pain ass. So if any one does read this hello.

i haven't updated in a long time

well i tried writing a story on fanfiction.net i don't think it was any good also it is not finished maybe i will finish it after i get my new computer cause this one i am going to throw it through a window it is seriously fried it freezes all the time so when the new one is finished i am going to either start a new one or try to do something with it if anyone is intrested it is called sunnyhell

just want to say thanks

i want to say thanks for the help from kargrif,bubbles and the others who reply to me for the questions i had. i am new here copykween led me here on a question i had on bloodshedverse. so i giving this a whirl